Notes - In a single place.

You will no longer need sticky notes, paper drafts, physical diaries, or other tools to remember essential things. You now have all of this on our platform. You can assign notes to contacts, deals, and contracts.

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Automate your contacts

Contacts automations

Your contact book is your shortcut to everything - here, you’ll be able to see your contacts and then manage everything that’s assigned to them, while automating tasks.

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Automate your contracts

Contracts automations

Your entire business can be easily tracked to a contract. That is why we created no-code automation that is easy for anyone to use. Put your contract tasks on autopilot. From contacts to invoices, all at a few clicks distances.

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Automate your invoices

Invoice automations

Automate everything there is on an invoice - from drafting to delivery and payments.

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Save time and put your business in a flawless state of growth

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