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Let’s build together

From day one, our first principle was to build a product for people by people. At White Pipe, we want to simplify everyone’s life through digitalization and automation. We celebrate humanity in any form, try to protect our home and Earth, and love to challenge the status quo. We are here if you think you can fit in a team full of Davids. Goliath doesn’t have a chance.

We are open to business and happy to share our revenue. Let’s grow together!

Up to 2 years

We can start an unlimited partnership with payments of up to 2 years for every active paid user from when they start.

5-25% revenue

Our commissions are flexible, from 5% to 25%, depending on the number of active users and the size of the subscriptions.

Special offers

To be more competitive, we can set special deals and discounts for your community through your affiliate link.


Don’t let language be a barrier. We can make partnerships in every country for every kind of industry