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From contracts to invoices, to contacts, notes and projects, we develop every tool that you can imagine to run and grow your business.

Data – In a single place

Visualize company data across desired metrics, discover new analytical insights, track your performance indicators, and be alerted of things that happen in your market – everything fits your needs.

Contacts – In a single place

You don’t need to search repeatedly for an important contact for your business. You now have all your leads, clients, colleagues, and partners in one place, beautifully organized and prepared for automation.

Deals – In a single place

You can run your business project by project – piece by piece – deal by deal.
The platform lets you see and manage all the deals you have in the pipeline or closed to ensure you have complete visibility of your business.

Contracts – In a single place

The most important document for a business is the contract. We reinvented the way you create, sign and store a contract. You can even automate your business starting from a written agreement and the data in it – try it!

Signatures – In a single place

We all remember carrying stamps and having to sign every contract by hand. This is why we integrated with the best eSign solutions and built our own – to provide the best end-to-end contract management tool you’ll need.

Invoices – In a single place

Once you close a deal, you need to get paid. We designed simple and beautiful invoice templates and crafted them in easy-to-use software. You’ll have a complete overview of your actual and future money.

Calendar – In a single place

You are responsible for your time and will never miss a deadline. Because you have all essential things in one calendar, imported from contracts automatically or registered by you manually.

Notes – In a single place

You will no longer need sticky notes, paper drafts, physical diaries, or other tools to remember essential things. You now have all of this on our platform. You can assign notes to contacts, deals, and contracts.


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