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Let’s grow together

Become our affiliate partner - White Pipe is open to business, and we want to share our revenue with visionary partners. Our purpose is to build a global, powerful, and simple-to-use business management platform all your customers and partners can use.

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We are open to business and happy to share our revenue. Let’s grow together!

Up to 2 years

We can start an unlimited partnership with payments of up to 2 years for every active paid user from when they start.

5-25% revenue

Our commissions are flexible, from 5% to 25%, depending on the number of active users and the size of the subscriptions.

Special offers

To be more competitive, we can set special deals and discounts for your community through your affiliate link.


Don’t let language be a barrier. We can make partnerships in every country for every kind of industry

What problems will WhitePipe solve?

We are looking for partners in all sectors and industries to build this business together. We plan our growth to be industry-specific and regional-specific, and we’re looking for affiliate partners in those regions/industries.
You can become an affiliate partner by contacting us and enrolling in our affiliate program. You will have a salesperson who will work with you to set everything up. We will also review affiliate sales together every month.
We are industry agnostic, and while we focus primarily on freelancers and small and medium businesses - we can provide our platform and solution to all companies and enterprises globally in any sector and industry.
There is no maximum. The maximum affiliate discount is around 25%, which becomes your revenue. You can reach that discount once you bring more than 2,500 customers to the White Pipe platform. At that point, you stand to make around 18,125 USD per month for 24 months.
We have a straightforward partner model in which you’ll know exactly how much money you can make. From 0 to 500, you’ll earn 5%. From 500 to 1,500, you’ll earn 15%, and from 2,500 upwards you’ll earn 25% of every customer
The referral cookie life depends on your agreement with us - but it`s initially set to 60 days. Of course, everything is set depending on the partner tier you reach.
You can find all our Terms and Conditions on our T&C webpage here.