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About Us

Meet our founders team

A company has its foundation within its founders. White Pipe was founded in 2022 by a group of 4 co-founders with various experiences from building companies to leading global enterprise sales teams in billion-dollar companies. Their cumulated expertise brought to life a fantastic all-in-one business management platform that all freelancers, SMBs, and Enterprises can use in their day-to-day operations.

Paul Pascalau

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced founder, Paul co-founded multiple companies, including Fplus. At Fplus, he saw the need for a platform like White Pipe while working with freelancers across the globe. With the need uncovered, Paul gathered a great team around him to build a platform that all freelancers and SMBs need. He focuses both on product and GTM strategies.

Andrei Ciceu

Chief Technology Officer

Andrei has over ten years of Software Engineering, working in various teams and projects. He also co-founded numerous other startups that had local success. He has back-end and front-end experience, guiding the White Pipe development team to build a fully functional end-to-end platform. He focuses on product strategy and architecture.

Bogdan Blaj

Chief Legal Officer

Bogdan is a well-known and respected lawyer from Cluj, building one of the biggest law firms in Romania. With experience in both civil and commercial law, his team worked with many freelancers, SMBs, and enterprises. He also built numerous international partnerships with global law firms that he is bringing to White Pipe, on top of legal documents and support.

Gabriel Pana

Chief Revenue Officer

Responsible for building and executing the GTM Strategy while also focusing with Paul on the product - Gabriel brings over 10 years of sales experience and startups. Before White Pipe, he had roles in UiPath (employee no. 30, leading global sales for over six years), Druid (revenue advisory), Honeywell, Oracle, and others. He also enjoyed 4 successful exits.

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